Courier & Messenger

Ordering a messenger or courier could not be easier with Accurate Freight Systems. The handlings of shipments is just as important to our customers as it is to us. We can supply the status of shipments at any time and once delivered, we also offer signature proof of delivery (as available via fax or email). We also have the ability to add special information (such as part numbers or purchase order numbers) to any shipment for easy management.

You can expect specialized pickups and deliveries by our uniformed and professional drivers. Our crew is in constant communication with our dispatch to make sure all orders are managed with diligence. With the personal ability to handle every step of your courier needs, we are able to offer our clients the flexibility and cost-saving options with confidence and reliability.

Courier and Messenger Services

  • Multiple Levels of Service Options:
    -Two Hours
    -Four Hours
    -Same Day
  • A variety of vehicles for delivery services:
    -Bobtails (ranging from 16ft to 26ft)
    -Cargo Vans (Courier pricing up to 2,000 LBS.)
    -Pick Up Trucks

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